Partnering in Prophetic History
By Matt Lockett

God’s Courtroom

My family lived with Lou Engle and a large team of intercessors on a rented farm just outside Washington, DC not long after JHOP DC began in 2004. During those early days, one of our team had a profound dream. In it she stood in a long hallway lined with courtrooms. The voice of the Lord spoke in the dream and said, “Either you deal with Roe v. Wade in your courts, or I’ll deal with it in mine.” At the end of the long hallway was a large courtroom called Appomattox Court House.

We have interpreted that dream in the most serious way because of what Appomattox Court House represents—the end of the Civil War. It was on April 9, 1865 that General Lee surrendered to General Grant in a small farmhouse at Appomattox Court House. Because of the innocent bloodshed of African slaves, this nation was swept into a conflict that cost us the lives of 600,000 people. President Lincoln understood the national predicament.

“Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said ‘the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.’” [March 4, 1865, Second Inaugural Address, Abraham Lincoln]

We have prayed for abortion to end with a special emphasis on the courts of America. Day after day we have stood in front of the United States Supreme Court as a prophetic witness, and we have asked God to do what has seemed impossible to others.

In early 2012, Lou Engle was preparing for a prayer event in Virginia. He called and said, “We have to go pray at Appomattox Court House.” This was more than a field trip. It was an intercessory prayer assignment in rural Virginia. We stood in the farmhouse that still stands, and we prayed for the President, the nation, and for the ending of abortion. As we were leaving we stopped by the small visitors center and stepped up to a small book shelf. Lou picked up the first book that caught his eye and randomly opened it to a page. A surprised, “Woah,” slipped out. He had opened the book to a page titled The Battle of Lockett’s Farm.

A Page in History

I was stunned to literally see my name on the page of history. What an amazing coincidence I thought. It told the story that, as Lee was in retreat, the Confederate army reached an area called Sayler’s Creek on April 6. The last major engagement between the armies occurred on a farm owned by a family named Lockett. Lee’s army was beaten and demoralized. He surrendered three days later at nearby Appomattox Court House.

Finding your name in the storyline has a great impact on the heart.

Around that same time I felt led by the Lord to begin searching for property in the DC area that could serve as a home and missions base for JHOP DC. For many years we have endured the challenge of this city’s high cost of living. With a firm conviction that God wants a contending house of prayer on Capitol Hill we have remained in spite of many obstacles.

In my search, I found a unique 12,000 square foot property and began a year-long process of prayer walking around it claiming it for the Lord’s purposes. It was stuck in a process of foreclosure and litigation, but I was in faith that God has an inheritance for our community in this city.

A Stunning Discovery

At the end of 2012 my older brother came to visit me with research into our family geneology. He told me how he had recently been able to trace the Lockett family all the way back to settlers who came to Virginia. That reminded me of the story about Lockett’s Farm, and I began to tell him of the Civil War history that I had stumbled upon. He interrupted me and asked, “That’s not that place down by Sayler’s Creek is it?” “That’s precisely the place,” I responded. I was speechless when my brother said to me, “I just found the documentation on that place. That was our family!”

Imagine my shock at learning the Civil War ended on my family’s property. This knowledge is very significant given the calling that God has given me and JHOP DC. What does this mean? The consensus among our team had been, “Maybe God wants to give us another farm and end the bloodshed of abortion there.”

The Perfect Timing of the Lord

A few months later our team did a 21-day fast that was set to end on April 9—coinciding with the end of the Civil War. On the first day of the fast I was startled to discover that the property that I had been prayer walking was put on the market for sale as a bank-owned foreclosure. Having no money to make a purchase like that, I began to write posts on social media describing what I believed God wanted to do.

On the second day of the fast I was contacted by an interested party who had been captured by the vision for the property. They offered to loan all the money required to purchase the property enabling us to make a cash offer. By the end of the team’s fast the bank had accepted our offer.

The Lord’s provision of this missions base is a major turning point for the ministries of both JHOP DC and Bound4LIFE. We believe that God is providing an inheritance in the land as a deposit of His divine purposes. For years I have read Jeremiah 32:6–12 knowing that at some point there must be a “buying of the field.” With this missions base God has given our mandate a strong sense of permanence.

There are moments when God takes the blueprints of two-dimensional dreams and turns them into three-dimensional reality.

Finding Yourself in God’s Story

I sincerely hope this story is an encouragement to you. My prayer is that it would give you renewed strength for your own dreams. I believe God is calling to His people right now to find themselves in the storyline that He is telling.

Momentum has shifted in the nation concerning abortion. The most faith-infused efforts ever are advancing the protection of life and the darkest corners of the death industry are being exposed for all to see. Could it be that we are on a path leading to the final engagements before the surrender of Roe v. Wade?

I have so much faith that I’m willing to say, “YES,” and I’m investing my life to this end. Will you? Finding your name in the storyline changes you. It gives you audacious faith.

For me this was startling literal, but that most likely won’t be the case for others. However, there is a real storyline playing out in the earth, and God invites us all to join in what He is doing. It’s there we find what we were created for.

“If you would do the best with your life, find out what God is doing in your generation and throw yourself wholly into it.” –Arthur Wallis

A full-time missionary, Matt Lockett serves as Executive Director of Justice House of Prayer DC and Bound4LIFE International. He and his wife Kim live in the Washington, DC area with their four children. Formerly he had a career in advertising and marketing; these days, he really wishes he had paid more attention in government class. Follow @MattLockett on Twitter.

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