History in the Making (MP3)


This download includes four teaching sessions—more than six hours of audio teaching.

Discover life-changing truths:

  • Why building the house of prayer matters
  • The power and influence of prayer and fasting
  • Understanding your spiritual tribe
  • Interpreting and applying prophetic dreams

This four-part series reveals:

  • Miraculous testimonies and answers to prayer
  • Detailed timeline and major events of our story
  • Facts on the cultural shift away from abortion
  • Insights into America’s condition and destiny


You can buy individual sessions or buy the entire series for extra savings.

# Name Speaker Add to Cart
1. Part 1: My House Shall Be Called a House of Prayer Matt Lockett Add to Cart $2.99
2. Part 2: Life in the Dream Stream Matt Lockett Add to Cart $2.99
3. Part 3: Finding Your Tribe Matt Lockett Add to Cart $2.99
4. Part 4: God Isn’t Done with America Matt Lockett Add to Cart $2.99
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